Custom Search For Os Commerce

Custom Search For Os Commerce
This is Mysql/php design work for an oscommerce store. The store sells wheels, tires and other autoparts such as air filter, spoilers, grilles, lowering springs…etc.

We are looking for the ability to search based on YEAR, MAKE, MODEL and ADDITIONAL MODEL INFO. I have a duplicate of the site up so you don’t have to test on the actual site.

1. Create a table that will hold and associate the wheel specifications [brand, model, color, diameter, bolt pattern, offset] and tire specifications [brand, model, width, sidewall, wheel size, overall diameter] and the Year, Make, Model and additional model info. Please keep in mind that one wheel and a tire size will fit a number of vehicles.

2. Modify the advanced search page in oscommerce to allow searches by year, make, model and additional model info. There should be a sequential drop-down process of YEAR, MAKE, MODEL and ADDITIONAL MODEL INFO. The search fields must be protected against SQL injection attacks.

3. The final product must show all specification of the wheels and tires and incorporate the tire options as images, which is installed; must also operate with the product creation system, shopping cart and checkout programs installed– unless you can develop a method to accomplish these functions.

4. Back end capabilities to insert and manage the table with the data IS ESSENTIAL. Back end capabilities would include (1) the ability to add, delete or change the additional items; a particular part number.(2) The ability to list the data in the custom table

5. The drop-down for YEAR/MAKE/MODEL/ADDITONAL MODEL INFO would be sequential. ie the user would choose the YEAR, then be shown all the applicable MAKE, then when the MAKE is chosen, they would be shown the applicable MODELS and then if there are models of the vehicle with different options (Like 2009 Infinity G37 has the S option), then that base model or Sport model should come up in the additional model info.

6. This store is only using US-English so you do not have to account for other languages.

7. Modification to the advanced search app will be commented in a way that allows us to see where the code was modified from the standard OScommerce code (ie Mod begins here /mod ends here.)

8 The search will allow any combination of the existing OScommerce search fields [by size, by brand] plus the custom fields we are adding.

To sum it up….all i want it a search with Year, Make and Model, which will then display the product categories available for that vehicle. If the customer chooses wheel/tire package, then the size category should come up [17″, 18″, 19″, 20″] and after the size is selected, then show the wheel and tire specifications— Just like

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