Article Search Engine

Article Search Engine
I need a website built that is a search engine and will search for articles that I loaded in the database.

1. Need to design the site in simple yet nice design where search bar is the main piece of the design and under a section for news. Search engine needs to have multiple tabs and in depending on those tabs the results will filter. The news section under search engine should change text every like 10 seconds to another news.

2. I will need to go in admincp and type the articles, keywords, and etc.. and add it to the database which will then result in it being shown in search engine. I should also be able to edit/delete articles.

3. The news section under the search engine should also be editable and I can add/remove stuff.

4. Other pages needed to be added are: Disclaimer, Contact Us.

5. In the search results there should be adspace made on the side, when I would add an advertisement then it will show on there.

6. When person clicks on article after search results they will see the full article and under it they would be able to rate it and comment. Also there would be links under Share links to digg, facebook, twitter, stumblupon, etc.. which they can click on.

7. I want all the pages to be seo friendly, and have meta tags in them and keywords loaded in them.

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