Skin Design For Phpprobid

Skin Design For Phpprobid
we need a custom skin for phpprobid auction site(6.07) the design should be neat and clean without any errors and should be easy to use, basically I am looking for design of somewhat like or or, with escrow facility for auction site. The sucessfull bidder will have to integrate different mods also which we will provide and smf/phpbb.
Once the project have been completed then it will be tested and if there are no bugs only then payment will be released.
so what we are looking for is:
1. skin design for phpprobid (6.07)
2. Escrow system ( a complete system)
3. Integrate mods
4. Integrate smf (we already have done that just need customization look for smf).
Here is what we will like to see when you are going to give us final copy.
1. Full working demo of our requirements.
2. Complete bug free system. (will be tested by us and 3rd party)
3. Full documentation that how system is working.

You will have to sign a total NDA if you can not do that do not bid.

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