Google Bing Maps As Jpg

Google Bing Maps As Jpg
Please do not bid if you can not work on this right away.

Looking for a web app that will

Take a csv file with addresses
and out put
(a) google map as jpg
(b) Google satellite map as .jpg
(c) Google streetview as a .jpg
(c) bing map as .jpg
(d) bing birds eye view from all four angles, each one as jpg

If the address is 1234 Main street, the maps will be saved as 1234main_xxxx.jpg where xxxx is the identifier as to what kind of map it is.

Output will be
(i) a php file with all of the images for ach of the address included – 1234main.html
(ii) a pdf file with all the images included – 12234main_images.pdf
(iii) a csv or excel file with all the addresses linked to the corresponding html file and one of the images showing on the mouse over.

Option page which will have the following functionality

It will allow allow selectively turn off a type of image (ie., if I unselect a box, it will not include bing map)
It will allow selectively picking the size of the images for each service, e.g., main option page specify the bing image size to be 400×300, and allow which directory to store the images.

Error handling (i.e., address not found, street view not found, notification),and a reasonably attractive user interface.

Reminder, do not bid on it if you can not work on it right away.

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