Fanduel Clone 2

Fanduel Clone 2
I currently run a sports video sharing website using phpmotion (version 3) and would like to incorporate fantasy sports within my site. I would like to have a clone incorporated within my current website and use my members database. You can go to the site and play around with it to see what exactly I’m talking about.

Conecpt: Draft a fantasy sports team of athletes in either the NBA, NHL, NFL, or MLB and possibly a concept mix of the sports. Once you complete that draft you can either challenge a friend, a random member or allow us to automatically assign an opponent. Each entry has an entry fee decided by the individual who’s making the challenge and that entry fee has to be accepted by the opponent. The fee’s will range from $5 to $50 most likely.

The competitions are shorter in length, usually a nights or days worth of NHL, MLB, or NBA games. In the case of the NFL, they draft a team for the entire week. The winner is decided by a points system assigned to goals, assists, shots, touchdowns, catches etc depending on what sport. If the entry fee was $20 then the winner takes all meaning $40 (essentially winning the opponents entry fee), minus a small percentage taken by us.

Need to have admin control to input player statistics, player names, injury reports etc. A payment application, most likely pay pal for users to deposit and withdrawal money.

Will help if you have knowledge/experience either playing or building fantasy sports scripts.

If you have any further questions relating to the project, please feel free to ask.

Look forward to working with you!!

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