Unique Social Networking Proj.

Unique Social Networking Proj.
Unique Social Networking Project for Network of Blog-Community Sites, PHP, MySQL, Javascript

We need an experienced programmer, or programming team, to create a unique social networking engine. The engine and its tools will integrate into a network of blog-community web-sites under development. Please read this entire posting before you respond.

This is the first of several projects. THIS INITIAL PROJECT includes:

1. Session or Blog creator – Allows users to CREATE A PROFILE, UPLOAD PHOTOS, and/or UPLOAD VIDEOS.

2. Profile Editor – Create tool to allow user to manage their profile including pictures and blog memberships.

3. Database Creation and Mapping – Create a master database of user information that will be used to run user, visitor, and administrative search queries. Other uses will include, but is not limited to, analysis of user and visitor activity, statistics and demographics.

4. ONE LOG-IN or ONE-ACCESS – Create a log-in tool that will cross-populate profile information within the network of blog-community sites.

5. Integration of SITE SEARCH TOOL for specific community site and/or across the network of blog sites.

6. Integration of Design Work – We have design work and logos in .psd file format. Programmer must create html pages from our mock layouts and integrate in our graphic designs.

7. Community Linking – As one of the most important aspects of a community network, all links and interlinking must work flawlessly.

8. Master User Admin Tool—Create an online master-user tool/dashboard to manage site content without programming knowledge, including the ability to review new sessions, feature sessions within specific communities, delete violators of site T&Cs, and present statistical information about users (e.g. demographics, number of users, etc)

9. Facebook and Twitter Interaction – Programmer must have knowledge of Facebook and Twitter API’s to CREATE interaction between website community and Facebook/Twitter.

Development should be in SQL, PHP, and Javascript. It needs to be scalable with load balancing. It should NOT be built on any open source project. The timeframe for development is 30 to 45 days. Please keep in mind that this social network project is unique and you will not be able to use a previously developed social network script that you may have already created. The site must be self contained and fully functional based on its own scripts with no fees for other services. Commercialized social network software or software that is dependant upon any other source is UNACCEPTABLE for this project. All source code will need to be turned over and fully owned by our company. Testing will be required prior to the official launching of the site(s) and final payment. Some changes, corrections, and improvements should be accommodated for and expected prior to final payment.

If you have any further questions and are willing to sign a noncompete / nondisclosure agreement then we will be happy to send you a detailed description. It is imperative that the site(s) loads and runs on any browser.

When you reply to this please put the word LOLEO in your reply so we will know that you have thoroughly read the project details. The provider with the lowest bid and the best reviews will be selected. Your price needs to be very competitive. If you have done similar projects in the past, please provide the URL to view the website in your response. This is very important. References will be checked and validated.

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