Card Games Online

Card Games Online
hii every one

i like to create 3 card games
with 4 players for every game
If there is no 4 players , the game takes place for the computer
i want it in my website and app in facebook in the same time
the members in facebook can play with the members in my website
every game has 6 servers
every server has the rooms …
Membership types
1 – Paid members
2 – FREE members
Examples 4 Project
the name of the first game is ( ballot ) it’s arabic game
i think no one know this game don’t worry
i’ve got all the details , and all the pics you need
all i need is a Professional games programmer in flash
And the same game on another server to the (challenges) …
Each player is facing a computer
the second game Uno .. Of course everyone knows this game
also I want it for four players
the third game is (bsra)
also I want it for four players
the users can play all the games in the website,
the home page will have the top 10 player and some details in javascript
that’s all i have ($500) cashU card

emile me … If you are interested .. i will send you all the rest of the details
it’s my University Project .. so Please I want it in as soon as possible

let’s start now !

thanks 4 read my thread .. have nice day

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