Two Webpages + Photoshop

Two Webpages + Photoshop
I need a graphically beautiful and Photoshopped “unofficial fan site” of 2 (bilingual) pages for this young talented singer:

Due time: most of the work should be finished within Saturday evening (Italian time) because there will be a probable pick of visitors on that time, in correspondence with a TV show.

The current under construction site is (multiple .com/.net/.eu/.it domains also points to the same site).
I’ll give you FTP access to it when you start.


– HOMEPAGE: a beautiful homepage with, in the upper part, his picture (take it here or make a screenshot in one of his videos that you see in this same page) Photoshopped with a beautiful artistic background. Take inspiration from the upper part of one of these other fan sites homepages:
– FORUM: the forum is the main purpose of the site. Keep the current one and keep it visible in homepage with the current 4 channels/boards all visible in homepage like now.
To recover some space and to align its look and feel with the rest of the page(s) you can modify the graphic and/or remove the unnecessary headers/footers
– EVENT page (link from homepage): a page where I list the future events where he will sing. Create a dummy page with the same look and feel of the homepage and put 3 fake events, I will then modify the text of the events by my own
– ABOUT CRISTIAN (link from homepage): only a link (not a page that you have to create like the previous) that points to a Wikipedia article


BI-LINGUAL: the site (the few words that it contains…) must be bi-lingual, English and Italian. I’m native Italian so please ask me for translations if needed.
The “.it” domains must automatically display the site in Italian while the .com/.net/.eu domains must automatically display it in English.
In both the cases two little English and Italian flags must allow to manually change the language.
The forum content is the only part that will be shown in both languages like now disregarding the active language of the site.

NON-COMMERCIAL NATURE: it must be rigorously non-commercial. You should avoid/remove any links to commercial sites.

LEGAL CONTENT and DISCLAIMER: it must only contain legal material, i.e. no copyrighted pictures or videos explicitly and simply copied.
Furthermore the fact that the site is unofficial, i.e. that it’s not owned by the singer, must be evidenced in homepage (preferably in footer).
You can add the disclaimer “I do not have contact with the singer or his managment.”

Escrow offered.

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