Fix 3 Things On Current Site.

Fix 3 Things On Current Site.
I have a current site up and operational, but it needs a few simple things to make it more appealing to viewers.

It is

The 3 things to fix are…

#1 Delete the log in box on the left side bar, dont need it as there is also a log in box on the top horizontal bar members can use.

#2 Delete the Statistics box entirely under the log in box on the left side bar, the site doesn’t need it as it is discouraging new members to join as they see the current low member count.

Just get rid of those two on the left side and allow the news box to move up.

#3 Fix the coding on sign up process so when members make payment, as their payment is finalized by they from paypal or alert pay, they are automatically activated in the site and have all the emails and can log in asap. Right now, when a member makes payment, I have to go into back office, and see pending members, then go to paypal or alertpay to verify they paid, then come back and move them from pending to active, but must still manually activate their account. No one can join the site unless payment is made, so when they finalize payment from paypal or alertpay I want the site to automatically activate their account. Paypal and Alertpay will not work unless they have money in the account or have a checking account or credit card added. So when they click the final pay button on either of them, they are prompted on my site to automatically activated without any more input on my end.

Those 3 things please. Nothing else, Need them done asap please.

$200, Escrow only. No money upfront, dont ask.

More work could be possible in the near future by someone who is dependable and trustworthy and knowledgeable. If you read the FAQ and System pages you will see there is indeed much more work to be done.

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