Website To Outsource You

Website To Outsource You
Web Design Outsourcing

The goal:
I want to outsource an individual or a team in my country, Serbia. Practically you will build a small website that will represent you and your work and I will try to find jobs here in Serbia.

I will accept requests from my clients and forward them to you for a price estimation.

• Tableless as much as possible

Website look:
Website should be simple but eye catching and nice. Heather, Content and Footer.
Look at these sites to see what I want:

The point is that you and me will work together on this. I will have requests for changes but I need someone who will have ideas and do things he thinks it will look good. At the end, this is your website and I will only outsource your work. The better we make the more chances I will have to find a job for you and a percentage for me.

Web pages:
• Homepage
• Services
• Web Packages
• Job estimation page
• Contact Us

2 languages, English and Serbian.

Nice looking and clear homepage like above mentioned. Links in the header for other pages.
Description what we do. With all services described.
Web Packages:
Premade web packages with description and prices. Something like: starter, basic, advanced… We will also add here SEO optimization and similar… look at
Job estimation page:
A form where guests can choose options and describe what they want and send a price estimation request. Look at:
Contact Us:
Wa all know what is this… Simple contact form…

Shortly, I want a website similar to

Price estimation examples:

Please answer me roughly. This is important because I will choose someone to outsource who will give my clients the best prices so I need to know what are your prices. I will give few examples and would like to hear how much that sites are worth. You can answer me on this questions with private message if you want.

1. Simple personal or business website with 3-5 pages, with not much design. Just when someone wants to have website.
2. Simple website of 5-10 pages with contact form and a little more web design.
3. Website with 5-10 pages with small cms for news or similar, contact form… simple design
4. 10-20 pages dynamic pages

If someone need something specific then he will choose price estimation form.

*When I say “simple design” I do not mean without design but with nice looking design without much trouble (using templates, free pics from internet). So, something that looks good but that not requires design work.

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