Video Cms Customization

Video Cms Customization
I need someone to customize a phpmotion video CMS in a couple ways:

• Finish visual redesign. As I am relatively proficient in CSS and PHP, I have begun to redesign the default phpmotion template, but I will need someone to finish it. I will provide PSDs for every page that needs alteration so this is essentially PSD to CSS work.

• Change video submission method. I don’t plan to host any videos on my server. All videos will be links or embeds to videos hosted externally. Each database entry will have a link to the source and additional fields with information only relevant to my site. Users will have the ability to submit videos in 2 ways:
—— • Link to preexisting videos on the web. My site will initially support 6 major video hosting sites: Youtube, Metacafe, Vimeo, Yahoo Video, Myspace Video and Dailymotion. When a user submits a video URL, PHP should fetch some basic information (Title, Description, Thumbnail, etc.) while the user can add additional information.
—— • Upload a video from their computer directly to through my website using the youtube API. For this method PHP should first upload to youtube and then automatically act as if someone is linking to a video in the sense that it adds the new video url and any information to my database.

• Change search/browse pages. These should function almost identically. Basically I have cleaned up phpmotion’s default browse/search pages and now have a table of search/browse listings as opposed to phpmotions listing method. I also want the ability to sort listings using ajax, preferably using the TableKit script.

• Create a very simple flash application. This will essentially be a music tuner/metronome combo. I will also provide an image of exactly how the applet should look.

• Integrate phpBB forum with phpmotion cms. Most importantly the user accounts should be shared between phpmotion and phpBB. If a users should only need to register and login once then they are automatically logged into both.

Required skills:
• Understanding of PHPmotion CMS

Please message me would like more detailed information. Please also include any prior projects to demonstrate your expertise.


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