Html Slot Machine Game

Html Slot Machine Game
Sumary: This is to create a HTML page with a slot Machine Java function that we can then skin with whatever banners we want.
It’s very urgent, there are loads of slots machines around, I have given links to a couple ofexisting Javascript code in the Word specs I attach to the project.
I don’t need somebody to rewrite a complete slot machine app for me since it exists. I need integration and this html app to be portable with clear and simple input/output API.

Detailled Specs:
I join you a spec sheet that I gave to my other developpers for quote but they have no time now . Let me know if you could do this, in a couple of days, and a budget so I can decide. Because slots machine in javascrip already exist, html
The added value for us is the fact that this module must be re-useable, that we can skin it, with easy input/output to integrate it. Portable! The input output will be going via the Silverstripe CMS so we create the module itself and then adapt the platofrm to perform the controls.
The only data transiting between this HTML app to our CMS should be the data contained in the Form (Surname, /Name, age, email, password, job). So the machie is standalone in plain html + ajax/javascript that we then can integrate it into the CMS.

A little bit of commercial design of the banners/skins around the slot machine must be carried out by your guys if you have the capacity. I will send you all graphical materials from the sponsors of course to be able to do that.



A HTML Page (that is separate OR can be embedded) that presents a slot machine game with 4 reels.

This is for marketing game where there is 1 winner only.

The winner winning is the first person who plays after a time and date we have decided.

Banner to announce the game:

– There is a banner (we design) to annouce a game to win a lottery and the chance to have 1 night in a nice hotel in Paris for the winner. The hotel is Murano (

HMTL Page:

1. The user clicks on banner and is redirected to the HTML page that has 2 sections. Upper section is form to enter details and rules. Bottom section is the slot machine itself (which is greyed out until they fill in the forms). Around are advertisments.

The HTML page that has the slot machine must be made in a way so we can skin this page with sponsors. Around the slot machine

2. Open a new HTML page for the game (not embedded for our tests).

3. User must enter name, surname, email, age, job + a box that says “Souscrire la newsletter”–> This is put into the database of users and subscribes him to Newsletter unless he unticks the box.

4. Below this mini form is a text field where we enter the rules.

5. Then user clicks “Demarrer le jeu” (start the game). This remove the greyed out from the slot machine and make it accessible (see definition of slot machine below)

6. He has 3 tries with the slot machine.

7. After a specific date and time we decide and modify, the next user playing will win (It’s easy tocode, no randomization, just one condition. no randomization). Once the player wins, the game is closed and says “La jackpot a deja ete remporte!”

8. Only one winner

9. When he wins, the part of the HTML that has the form expands to prompt for more details (winner only). The winner must enter new fields, address, telehpone number and click on a new button “Envoyer”.

10. Send and the customer recevie the details of the winner. Operation completed.

SLOT Machine

11. Slot machine must be Java or HTML but no flash because small budget. Unless you can make it in 1 day flash coding.

12. The slot machine itself must have a very modern design (because hotel is modern). Refer to muranoresort on the web).

13. Not to re-invent the wheel, I was given this Java slot machine. It’s very flexible and we can focuse on just modifying the code and design around it rather than the maths behind a slot machine. .html

14. Each reel has each 4 or 5 icons for which I will provide graphic content. Each icon is actually a sponsor, soit must be easy to change it if ew need.

15. The Winner must align 4 reels that Say “I Love Murano”. The Word Love is replaced with a Heart picto.

16. The slot machine must have the Arm with animation. Not only the SPIN button.


17. We log ALL players in the normal users section. Not PRO.

18. We, by default, subscribe them to the newsletter unless they untick the box on the initial registration page

It’s a game to enrich their database for mass mailing.

The attached document is the layout for the page we could use. The slot machine is an example only!!

This will be integrated into our CMS as a one off marketing thing.
Please read the Word doc before bidding so no surprise!
Happy bidding!

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