Rewrite & Improve Mafia Mmorpg

Rewrite & Improve Mafia Mmorpg
I have a complete and working version of a Mafia style game for Facebook written in php. What I need done is for the script to be rewrote/edited so that it can be used as a standalone site using fb connect(an easy task for a skilled programmer).

On top of the rewrite/edit you will be adding new features that will implement ajax and javascript (or similar) to make the game more interactive and less sluggish, as well as add more features to fit the idea that I have. In summary you will be taking an existing php script and improving upon it making it into a new game.


Here’s a link to an application actively running the script you will be modifying.

The project will be to take this script and mod it into a new type of game with similar mechanics but with new features and abilities. I will provide mock-ups of the UI and details of the new game to the winning bidder and allow them to give their opinions and/or input.


The funds for the project will immediately be placed in escrow for the agreed on amount for the winning bidder and there will be no up front payments. You will be paid for a job that has been done not for bidding on a job.


Keep in mind you will be required to sign a NDA, I do not want someone who is just going to help me build my project then sell it 50x’s over (or once for that matter).

The winning bidder will be looked on to for continuous work as I extend the functionality of the game and on other projects.

All bids that show you have not read the listing itself will be ignored. Please address this posting directly to be considered!

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