Webmaster Admin Section Needed

Webmaster Admin Section Needed
This project may contain some sexually explicit material so if you are easily offended or under the legal age to view such material, this project is not for you.

I am looking for someone to help me create a back end admin section for the webmaster of the website. The webmaster needs to be able to update different sections on the website and the website also needs to be able to automatically update each day from a “reserve” of links. The reserve will be filled up by the website and each day 5 links from each reserve will be added to the different pages of the website.

This is an example of what the website will look like: ( Index page – http://www.stepbystepbusinesses.com/andrews_site/bobosporn/index.htm )
As you can see its pretty simple in structure. This index page does not update automatically. The only way it updates is when the webmaster adds new links, deletes links or edits existing links, all from within the admin section I need you to help me create.
This link here: ( index page explained – http://www.stepbystepbusinesses.com/andrews_site/bobosporn/explained/index_page_explained.htm ) should help explain a little bit more about what I am looking to accomplish on the index page.

If you take a look at this page: ( free gallery page (category) – http://www.stepbystepbusinesses.com/andrews_site/bobosporn/anal_adventures.htm )
This is an example of what one of the pages will look like. The site will only have about 10 or so of these different pages. From looking at the index page, you can see that these pages are all listed in the section called “BOBO’S FREE UPDATING GALLERIES”.
This link here: ( category page explained – http://www.stepbystepbusinesses.com/andrews_site/bobosporn/explained/catagory_page_explained.htm ) should help explain a little bit more about what I am looking to accomplish with the category pages.

I am able to do the “outer” parts of the site, and the visuals and structure. I am just looking for someone to create a back end that I can easily use to keep the website updated. You will be taking my work I do and making it so that I am do the things I am looking to do.

If you have done similar work please let me see it.
This project is for serious people only.

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