Top Programmers Only. Zend Php

Top Programmers Only. Zend Php
We are looking to make some updates to our website ( in ZEND, HTML, PHP, MySQL, XTML, and are having a hard time finding a programmer with the time and ability to get things done quickly. We only want top programmers with super clean code. We just got an estimate for time, then our programmer got a big project and doesn’t have time. We have another team doing work, so we have our files on a SVN. We have more work to do, but will start with this.

Here are a few things we are looking to do. See attached powerpoint as well. We’d like to have a fixed price for the following hours. Please let me know a time estimate and how fast you can complete these items. Thank you

Beko News.

* “Fix Admin Issue, Newest News at Top”. I’ve checked members area and noticed that “News” section is empty. Did it ever work? Is it something you were about to fix? Would you provide the access to admin, please? I’ll estimate it then.

About 5-10 minutes, if you want to change the order of news. How can I add a new news item, btw? Is there are a specific page for that? Or it also should be fixed?

* Add news Archive page – $45. Once the admin issue is fixed.

This did work at one time, but it had the newest news on the bottom instead of at the top.

PowerPoint: I’m using Office 2007, but for some reason I don’t see any text information on some slides, there are just arrows.
Slide #1-#2-#3. Are you going to perform only XHTML/graphics-changes?
I was hoping we wouldn’t have to get a graphics guy, if we could just cut the design from the registration features page, and then simple change the location of the radio buttons to select buttons? Thoughts? #3 is just adding the items that have an arrow pointing to it. I have the two images, and we need to add the terms.

1. 1., correct? So you want to create a separate page for “Membership Plan” or just replace radio elements using graphics from registration page?
2. 2. I believe this is the same thing as #1, but if user has a business account we should show another version, right?
3. 3., correct? 15-20 minutes.

Slide #7. I don’t see anything above the arrow. Are you about to add an item number and that’s all?
Just adding the item number. Every item already gets an item number, we just didn’t implement it in design.
10 minutes.

5) If user has items on Step 2 or 3 of View Matches in myBeko, to have that tab automatically opened when they View Matches.”.
You mean “Pending Trades” tab (Step 2) and “Completed Trades” tab (Step 3)? What if both tabs have some items, which one should be opened by default? Time: about 20-25 minutes.

No, this is for the use login area, then clicking “View Matches” for an item, and the 3 steps in that area. Just opening up the java buttons.

Slide #5-#6. Can be relatively easy, but let’s say 1-2.5 hours for this just in case. Would you provide an example of accepted item(s), so I know what to look for?
LadyTrader (hockey1980) for the baby crib. Already final accepted and paid
OGtrager Mirror. Both slides 5 and 6 would be for OGtrader account in this trade.
30-40 minutes.

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