Joomla Modification

Joomla Modification

I need to make modification on my site: www**.jc**customs**.com (remove every stars)

Here’s what you need to do:
1-the white dot in the middle of the banner should be removed or coloured in red to match.

2-Welcome To The Frontpage should be removed, as we have Welcome to JC Customs just
underneath it, and no need to repeat.

3-the Total line in the shopping cart, when the amount is over
$1000 looks like this… The Total amount is taking 2 lines.
$1 909.65

$1 909.65



Tax Total:

Also, you sould set it up so
that the Tax Total line is above the Total and included in the Total.

4-(on the left menu) our car make and models need to be in black print, and larger
as we find it very difficult to read. Maybe close to 2x. larger if possible.

5-the Home link is somewhat hidden and faint, change to a larger
bolder font, either green or black, whichever, is fine.

6- make all print black in colour and a little larger
as well, especially our email addresses

Please make sure you speak well english.
I will select a programmer in the next 6 hrs.


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