Entertainment Auction Site

Entertainment Auction Site

I am looking to have a basic entertainment auction site built, the site will draw most of its features from bigdeal.com so please take a moment to check out that site.

This site will have the basic look and feel of the auction part of bigdeal.com while cutting out a lot of their extra features like loyalty bucks program, buy it now functionality, and live tracking of bids at the bottom of the auction page.

So our site will be a basic entertainment auction site where the user buys (or earns) bids and uses those bids to purchase items at the auctions on our site.

Each auction will start at $0.01 and run for 24 hours, each bid will add $0.01 to the price of the auction and 10 minutes to the duration, this will last until the final minute of the auction when each bid will set the clock back to 1 minute remaining. (You can see this is a slightly modified way of how things work on BigDeal)

When an auction ends the winner will be emailed and asked to make a payment through PayPal for the winning amount, this will need to be tracked in an admin panel so we know what items to send out.

The users will have 2 ways to get bids to use at our auctions, they can make a payment for various bid packages through PayPal and they will be credited to their account, or they can fill out offers from CPALead.com to earn bids. (CPALead has a postback function that will be used to let our system know how much to credit a users account for and you will be provided with all of the documentation on this).

The system won’t need to support many auctions in the beginning as this current build is going to be used to get us off the ground and test the concept, if it works then we will work with you to build out a more complete platform with many more features, this is just the bare bones to prove the concept.

Design will be provided in CSS/HTML form for you to integrate your code into near the end of the project.

If you have any questions please let me know and I will do my best to answer them.


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