Bug Fix On Current Magento

Bug Fix On Current Magento
magento webshop is already online since 2+ monht now
need fix all founded bugs ;
1) sinds yesterday somethink try to add with magento connect after these when customer try checkout site give permission error page..
( before add anythink backup is created…)
2) on index page is a flash banner / these banner come over the link
3) on index page are 3 image like most searched products image/banner but its not working
4) new products link doenst exit need create page for link to new added products button
5) on index page under page are 10+ link which i dont know how to edit link i want know how do i edit these link /
6) invoice/order number start with 100000 i want chang to 4569xxx example

maybe 3-4 small bugs i will have more..
so for a prof. programmer is maybe half day work for fix all.

after fix all i will get in next day some more bugs
i look someone which can help me future.
im ready for pay again for future helps but i want answer for question in future .
no need free help/no need answer question just i dont watn give access everytime to someone for fix bugs etc and pay for half work
do you want get future small work good take these job
if you dont want help future ( not for free i want pay np ) dont take these job

First bug must fixed direct after pickup work so customer can contiue work.
rest can do in max 7 days.

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