Captcha Crack Needed

Captcha Crack Needed

we would need a script/function – preferably in PHP – which would be able to automatically read a captcha (OCR) which you can view here (remove “\” – signs to view the full url):

We are well aware that this captcha ain´t a really easy one (else we would have probably been able to do ourselves) so we are willing to pay a fair price for that, but your script would need to meed our requirements:

1) No really long processing times for each captcha like 1 second on average would be ok on a dedicated box assigned just for that script – the faster the better

2) Reasonable accurancy, like if 1 out of 5 captchas is correct that would be the minimum, 1 out of 3 even better, and of course if success rate would be higher than 50% that would be great allthough we are aware of the fact that that might be unmanageable so it´s not really needed.

3) Preferably PHP should be used even though this obviously isn´t the best language to do the job. In case one would want to use another language please contact us beforehand about that so we can make sure that our boxes are running these.

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