Website Redesign & One Script

Website Redesign & One Script
I have had to relist this as it is a big job. Please read the requirements carefully as the job is a lot bigger than it looks. The website is very big, very deceptive.

There are 4 main components in the site. There is a search engine, not only with a front page and several meta search resault pages but also a client login area for advertisers and affiliates. This needs totally redesigning. You will need to create the main template, then apply the template to the internal pages (must be 50-60 pages in total, although all the pages will use the main template so applying to all pages will not take too long).

There is also an arcade, but that will only need doing to 4 or 5 pages.

The directory is the same, it looks huge but there is only 5 or 6 pages to complete there. There is also a social network, which has 15-20 pages to modify.

Right now, the 4 components are off the shelf scripts, and thus use different structures for graphics etc. It may be easier to do a brand new css system for the whole site. There will in total be well over 100 pages as the front end and search results pages also need doing.

I want a web 2.0 look, extremely clean css throughout the site and all 4 components of the site merging together. It wants to look like 1 site, rather than a site with different components. The search engine is smartppc, the directory is from esyndicat, social part from turnkeyfox and the arcade from agaresmedia.

Everything is template based, the search engine uses flat tpl files with some php encoded, the arcade and directory uses smarty and the social part uses tpl files also. Each component currently has its own template area but this needs to be changed. By buying separate components I have tried to make them look like part of the same site. It has meant the templates have been hashed, rehashed and done again, causing a lot of errors and a bit of a mess. It would be better to start again with the new look.

All 4 must be merged into one website. This is a main part.

A central hub must be created where when someone registers, it creates an account at all 4 locations. All databases have mysql databases, and are on the same server. The problem lies in that the main search engine script is zend encoded and other scripts are encoded with ioncube. You need to create a program that on registration, populates the other mysql databases so users can access all areas of the site with one account.

Then for login purposes maybe a cron job or something can be created to activate the logins of all the scripts. This needs to be a standalone script to create the accounts.

Then what happens, rather than as it does currently (login to the arcade and it goes to the arcade) you have one login area. You can access all areas from the login area – all options will be there by way of dynamic dropdown bars.

Think facebook but with way more options.

It would be easier to do a redesign with one css central file that the site calls on for the look.

I have the logo etc but it will need:

1) The script as explained above to merge everything together.
2) Total redesign to a web 2.0, bright and bold look.
3) Black faded background, white main content body (rather than the gret it is now) with greens and yellows
4) Extremely clean professional look with no fixed width rather than fixed as it is now.
5) New pages built to reflect new front page, new results pages, new everything basically!
6) The sort of look I want is something like…..

Pictures on the frontpage of latest games, latest profiles, and links to the directory etc etc….must be very well designed. There will also be pictures to design, like a background picture of frogster interacting and playing games to reflect my site.

All programming has been done, no scripts are to be touched, except of course you must make the script to populate all accounts and allow users to access all areas from this one account. Also you must be very good at design (css, clean) and also images.

7) I also want two banners done, one 468×60 for the arcade, one 600×160 for the social bit.
8) All otehr pages will need reskinning and modifying. New contact us page, update the sitemap page, and new areas to relect advertising options (2 pages, about advertising on the direcvtory and about the PPC options).

Other front pages will need creating, but I will supply content, just make the areas / design the images.

I will want the job done to a high standard and as soon as possible, clean good graphics, web 2.0 look etc. Look at it as a redesign but this site is big so is not a job you can do in a few days.

I will want to see some examples of work. I am ready to begin immediately with the right person.


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