Magento Custom Feature Needed.

Magento Custom Feature Needed.
Dear Magento scripter,

I need the following feature for my Magento based clothing shop:

In the shop i have many configurable clothing items with different color and size options.

For example:
I have a T-shirt with a simple print in the colors black and red but also come in different sizes (small, medium and large).
These different items have different stock levels for the different sizes which i want to be able to show (also if there’s “no stock”, i want to be able to show that there is “no stock”).

see the attachement for a screenshot of my design.

I want to be able to do the following on the product page:
The different shirt colors (which can be more than just black and red) needs to be shown by color swatches (which i can create myself ofcourse) who can be clicked.
If you click one of these swatches the following needs to update:

-The product image (to the right color shirt, which i also have)

-The selected color (see screenshot)

-The price

-The stock levels which must also be shown directly on the product page (like in the screenshot)

For the color swatches i have found an magento extension ( which does the right job, but doesn’t show the stock level so sadly isn’t of any use.

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