Learning Disabilities Website

Learning Disabilities Website
I post this project before but the programmer was canceld from GAF and I was foce to start a new project.

Please note that I wi’ll not release any money from escrow intill the project is done. please bit under this conditions only. the other programmer was asking for 50% only with one template and this is not the way I want to work.

I need a website for a Group of Teens that have fiscal problems and or learning Disabilities.
This Websites need to be Serious young and happy at the same time.
We do not want to used a small letters please used a good size not to big not too small.

We need a control panel where admin can add or modify text or photos in all the pages where admin can add links etc. and if is possible a way where admin can create sub administrators where other people can help. If they forgot their password an email to them we’ll be sent after placing their email address.

In the albums we need to be able to create new categories and I don’t want the frame to be like a regular paste photo please create a nice frame for the album section if I upload 10 or 20 photos they all need to have some Cain of frame around them automatically. Please add one frame like that in the team area for one photo for the all team.

This is very important I don’t want to have a problem uploading the photos because they are too big. you know now the digital cameras produce large photos and I need this website to be User friendly because they don’t know how to resize images. I want to be able to add a little description under each photo and been able to add multiple photos at the same time like 5 or 10 but no more than that.

1. Home

2. Our Services

3. Team

4. Calendar

( Here in the calendar we need to be able to create events and when people click on that event they are going to be able to see the event details we need to be able to add photos to the event too for example we are going to have an event tomorrow so I’m going to mark the calendar. After the event pass I as Administrator can go in the control panel and Edith that particular event and add some photos to it so went people wants to see the pass events now they are able to see the pictures too.)

5. Album ( I mentions this part above )

News ( In the front page we need to be able to have a space where people can type their email address and subscribe for the newsletters. and have the options in admin panel to remove any body from that list. and a link on every email that we sent to them where they can select to be remove from the monthly letter or news letter. Admin need to be able to see all the people that is subscribed it to this and been able to sent one letter to only one user or to 5 users or to all users from the control panel.

6. Contact Us. We need a drop down menu in this contact list so people can choose the person that they need to contact in the contact form. in admin area we need to be able to add this people or remove them
and a space to add the office phone numbers address emails etc.

7. About Us

8. Testimonial Page where testimonials need to be approved by admin first and admin can add or delete

Please provide same samples of your jobs.

I need the template from 1 or 2 days after you acept the project They like orange a lot so please combine orange with other colors and remember Professional site young and for teens mix all of this together. One or two with flash where images can be change, replace in admin panel

and finally I need a logo for them please provide 2 logos.

Please read all the requiems before any bids to this project
Unfortunately there is not a lot of money for this project because we all want to help for this teens. So I did not charge regular price for it.

If you are using any script that is free I dont want to see any copy rigth of anybody. I’ll ned the full PHP source code etc and orginal .psd firework, flash or illustrator files that you used to build the graphics too. witht all the rights.

Clonse this template ( http://www.arwaco.net/demo/desiserve/

This is wht they want please remember that those photos in the flash movie need to be able to replace from admin panel so we can change those photos at any time.

Thank you all for your time.

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