Phpbb3 Mod Customization

Phpbb3 Mod Customization
I would like to have a customized version of this module for phpbb 3.0.6:

This project is basically removing things that are not needed and adding some ajax. All the functionality I need is already in the mod. I just want it simplified and more user-friendly.


1. Number of questions: As it is now, a user can decide how many questions there should be in the survey (the default is 8). All 8 forms for each survey is shown and it takes up a lot of space, requiring the user to scroll a lot. Also, it looks very complicated and intimidating like that.

I would like to have it ajaxified. The user should be presented with just one form for the first survey item. He can click a link like “Add another feature” which will open a new form dynamically if he needs to add another question and then the previous question can be saved and minimized to save space.

Please see a demo here (examples 4, 5, 6):

Notice that only one can be uncollapsed at a time.


1. Currently, you can see all voters and how they voted in a list at the top of the post. At the bottom of the list are the totals.

Depending on the number of voters, this can get quite long so I’d like it ajaxified as well. I want only the totals to be shown and upon clicking, the list of voters and how they voted can be revealed.

I would like the Yes votes to appear as a green checkmark and the No votes to appear as a red X mark. I would also like the background row colors to alternate for easier viewing. There should also be a divider between the features for easier viewing as well. Please see attached.

I am attaching screenshots of how it currently looks and how I want it to look after customization (filenames appended with _v2).

More details will be provided if asked.

This job can be done in a few hours time.

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