Make Things Look Same In Ie

Make Things Look Same In Ie
I have a zen cart shopping website. Everything is done.
However somethings look different from browser to browser like a header.
I need someone who is good at arranging stuff and the eye
for a design.

I need my shopping header to look same in firefox, all IEs, chrome, safari. Needs repositioning.
I need contact page to look same in all browsers as above.

Should be a simple job if you know what you are doing.

Once you are found as a good dev, will be provided with more job in future. Thank you.

Additional Comment About this easy job:

This is strictly rearranging.
Actually, not even rearranging. Just making the header look the same in IE and all other browsers out there.

Same goes for the contact us page which has the text field moved to the right in IE.

No designing required. Just moving the stuff left or right so they look the same in all browsers.

Thank you!

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