Customization Of Ktools Site

Customization Of Ktools Site

I own a KTools website for several years now. Current version installed is 3.5.5 (upgrade is from beginning last year) but I am considering to upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible.

Indeed, I have some security problems that will be solved with version 3.8.3. I also want to take advantage of this update opportunity to relooking my website.

What I need is a clean and high class graphic design which is also larger than current website. (

As this will be a « temporary website » (I will upgrade to PS 4 as soon as possible), it would be nice if you could keep costs as low as possible.

I know that updating KTools websites is very time consuming and not that easy. So, let’s keep it simple.

I will ask you to make the customization from scratch.This way, no need to struggle your way into the many code documents to adapt everything.

So here are some thoughts and questions:

I cannot afford to shut down my current website. KTools is willing to install their latest version on my dedicated server in a specific temporary folder.
So, you will only need to work on the latest version from scratch. Once this version will be ready to be put online, you will only need to redirect to the correct url.
All categories and sub categories will remain unchanged. If it’s possible to copy those already on my server to the new website that will be great.
If to difficult or time consuming, no problem. I can upload all pictures myself once everything is up and running.
Also, no need to copy all text from the menus and categories into the new website. I’ll take care of this through the admin panel.
I would like +/- the same lay-out as the current website but with some modifications :
Larger website (currently the width is 765 pixels) : if possible upto 1040 or even 1280 ? Your suggestion is most appreciated.
Regarding top menus: as the website will be larger, could it be possible to add two more buttons: Special Event Concept and Rates & Services between About Us and Subscribe?
Is it possible to have a flash head banner installed instead of the rotating banners ? For your information, I create those banners myself. I only need to know how to put them online.
Color sheme : everything in black, grey and silver : no more yellow-orange. Also, I wonder if it could be more eyecatching if we reverse the current colors :
Grey background, darker color for the website itself and black only as background for the pictures and thumbnails (an example I really like that you could use as reference:
Regarding the categories : under the intro text of each category I would like to implement a kind of slideshow (flash, swf, youtube like …). Is this possible ? If so, how ?
Also, sub-categories within the categories should be presented with 468 x 60 banners as currently, but the white frames should be less visible (maybe 50% white or grey/silver).
The same should be applied to the thumbnails within the categories (note that all frames are the same dimension, whenever the pictures are horizontal or vertical – this is great and should remain the same!)
Currently, I have 4 thumbnails in a row. I would like to keep the current dimensions but with 5 or even 6 thumbnails in a row.
When clicking on a thumbnail, a new page opens : here also, no colors to be used in text and frames the same as picture thumbnails.
Regarding Prints and Products scroll menu : text is too small and difficult to read. Is it possible to have larger text format of even no scroll menu at all ?
When clicking on « Click to enlarge » within the latest version, a new frame opens and backgrounds gets darker. This is really nice but is it possible to insert the Next and Previous button on the enlarged picture as well ?
Most of my assignments are event contracts and I really need to allocate coupons to specific categories or sub-categories.
Indeed, I don’t want customers who receive a coupon code for a free download within a specicif category for instance, to be able to download any picture from any category on Digital Eyecatcher.
The purpose is to offer a discount or even a free download for a specific category to specific customers. I can of course make the specific category “private” but most of my clients want to remain visible on the site.
I asked KTools for this option and they told me it wouldn’t be available before version 4.1 (if this option ever sees the light?) … Can you tweak the coding to make this possible.
Resume :

– As PhotoStore version 4 will probably be released second half of this year, I want to keep costs as low as possible. Once PS4 released, I will get in touch with you to customize my website.

– No need to struggle your way into the existing pages and codes of current website : latest version will be installed by KTools in a specific folder on my server.
All you need to do is some cosmetic customization and eventually, if possible, some tweaking of the code

– Also, no need to copy everything from the current site to the new version if this is too difficult and time consuming. I can handle this once the new version will be up and runing.

Last but not least, the main idea is to have a very clean and high class graphic design photography website. Of course, if you have any suggestions, they are most welcome.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards,

Alain Thimmesch
Digital Eyecatcher Photography

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