Asap Need To Customize Model

Asap Need To Customize Model
THis is an easy project for advanced php programmer. All I need is customization of some script parts. I am using Model Agency Manager v 2.0 (everything is based on templates, so quite easy to understand). Please see below.
1. Put login field on main page and 3 others, as it already is on other pages. Its does simply with including (menulogin), but on 3 pages it doesn’t show login.
2. Maintain logic. the are 2 types of users: models and directors. When they login they see the same members.php page (only left side differs). I want them to see different central content.
3. For now user can search models on the website by State. Need to make Search of castings by state and keyword. In casting call list need to modify header (just include (type of work) – is it TV, Music or Dancing job – also nothing special, cuz it can be done by simply adding field in DB with categories, that are choosen by director when he posts a casting call)
4 Models should submit to castings by composing an email (its already done, but message is sent to inside box that is in the scipt, but need to just be sent to directors email).
5 Divide roles. Directors can’t see what is inside the button Casting calls, but talents can. Directors can contact talents by sending message through the inside system to users email ( the same work as in submitting to casting), talents can’t contact each other or casting directors.
6 Add right to Admin to post free casting calls (that can be seen to all users, no only to registered).
7 Include suscription system – PPal (this is already done), just need to put it in the registration, that noone can can finish registration before submitting subscription fee.
8. Create approx. 3 views from database, so I could see how many memebrs paid, when, when reccuring billing happend. Nothing complicated here.
P.S. I know almost everything where each function and place is. Just needs to make all things work together. This is a short budget project, but also work is not so fundamental. I ask only to maintain some functionalities. All other stuff i am doing myself.

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