Zend Jquery Php – Map

Zend Jquery Php – Map
This project MUST be done in Zend Framework, JQuery, and PHP5

Please see attached images which include design notes. I will briefly explain these notes here:

The DIV should pop up when we want it to. When user places their mouse over the map, the color of the area they are over changes to pink (after 3 seconds OR if they click the area) and the shipping information for that area shows at the bottom. If the shipping info is too large it adds a scroll bar to the shipping info area. If they are on the wrong site (i.e. if they are on the Asian site but are looking at shipping information to Canada) there will show a link that goes to the proper site above the shipping info (i.e. “.ca” – see image 2 for example). There are 10 areas in total that have shipping information that we need to display.

Please look at the images and ask if you have any questions.

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