Facebook Fbml

Facebook Fbml
I am looking for an experienced Facebook designer to re-design a FBML page. The design is to be Web 2.0 look with rounded corners, graphically enhanced and visually appealing. The page is created but needs to be better to create more interest. I am willing to pay extra for a more graphically driven page. This project should also lead into more custom projects.

I want to have a featured wedding website section with find wedding websites by year and by US State (and 1 link outside US), a search feature, find websites by last name letter and finally a section to get brides/grooms to sign up for a free wedding website. I am very much open to ideas and what works.

The existing page is under Museum here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/WeddingMuseumcom/119159762865?v=app_7146470109. My existing site is WeddingMuseum.com.

Programmer must provide 3 examples of pages already created.

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