Php Fox Maintenance Items

Php Fox Maintenance Items
I have an existing phpFox site that needs some fixes/updates:

1.“Remember Me” option on login page
2.Fix videos on All Access Training page (not showing)
3.Biz profile not loading – goes to error message “module not working.”
4.Change main video player on Home and All Access so it looks like YouTube player allowing for coping of embed code.
5.Turn on “Featured Members”
6.Fix “Featured Video” box on All Access Training page.
7.Add new “Conference videos” section under “Training Video” section on All Access page. Create member submit “Conference Videos” page like Trainer video submission page.
8.Fix personal and biz profile transparency issue under “Main Background” profile settings
9.Add “My GoLive” profile page with each profile. (let’s talk about this. This will give the members the ability to broadcast live using a webcam with server, windows media player and associated page URL) I’d like the to have mini web conferencing with five other webcams like a mini “Lounge”
10.Allow members to invite guest to view their profile page using special pass code for their profile only that they send out.
11.Allow some sections viewable without being a member
12.Add “Live” page (requires admin work)
13.Add “DSL 24” page (requires admin work)
14.Fix the “Lounge”
15.Add e-commerce module in iShop with PayPal
16.Allow for Branded page and Contest page admin integration that allows the brand owner to change promo video like profile pages.
17.Allow members to upload video when a brand page/contest wants members to submit videos. Page must have thumbnails with showing name of video, how many views ,how many days since loaded, member name and rating. This page must be separate from actual brand page like YouTube’s watch more videos page.
18.Give brand/contest owner the ability to have visitors leave comments.
19.Fix Entertainment TV section
20.Default polls on Home (2) and All Access (1) – this work began on dev. Never moved over
21.Allow Mass email to embed images
22.Create The Recruit page using old 2009 POWER 50 nomination pages

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