Xcart Product Quantity Limit

Xcart Product Quantity Limit
I would like to be able to implement a product quantity limit in my xcart store so that I can restrict my customers to only be able to buy x amount of any product. This setting should be unlimited by default, but when I set this restriction from product restriction page it should make the following 2 changes.

1. My store uses a drop down for selecting a quantity of each product. This drop down should only show the number that I have selected as a limitation on the product. For instance, if I configure so that customers can only buy 1 of a particular item, they should only see “1” in the dropdown box for that particular item. All other items should remain unchanged. I Should also be able to set items back to “default” so that an unlimited number can be added.

2. If customers try to refresh page and order additional items with restricted quantities, they should receive an error message stating ” Limit x per customer on this item please” with “x” being the number connfigured for that item.

Please do not encrypt files on my server. Fee will be paid to escrow immediately and released upon job completion only.

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