Amend Affilistore Script

Amend Affilistore Script
I need to remodel my website on the website

The owner of is providing a copy of his template, so it’s just a question of adding my graphics (logo and colours). Special attention needs to be paid to these two adjustments:

1) All clicks on any links/pictures shouldredirect straight to the merchant – currently they tend to open another window. (Cluecle links go direct to the merchant.)

2) The search results to be the same size on the page as

Finally, upload it by ftp to my site and ensure that it is running correctly ie. like Cluecle! I would like to avoid reuploading the datafeeds as this will minimise downtime.

(Note that the Affilistore credit which appears at the bottom of the page must not be removed or amended or the site will not operate at all!)

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