Twitter Get More Follower App

Twitter Get More Follower App
As you know twitter doesn’t allow mass follow/unfollow. It uses a lot of rate limiting scheme to avoid it.
I have one tool for this. But the problem is twitter recently banned some of my users for using this tool.
Now I just need to know how should I setup my cron or how frequently I should call friendships/create?
I need some idea so that I dont get banned.
If it works, you’ll get paid.

I dont need experienced hand. I need the proper idea.

Here is how I am working on it.

I have lots of follow request.
I fetch one customer twitter id (CTID)
Then get the random twitter ids (RTID) that should be followed. So CTID will be following 100s of RTID. Got it?
After an interval (IN) they will be unfollowed.
So I have crons, follower cron (FCN) and unfollower cron (UCN).
We have also 1 white listed IP.
how the crons work?
FCN just takes an CTID then get a list of RTIDs.
It starts to follow them one by one. So CTID-RTID[0], CTID-RTID[1], CTID-RTID[2] etc friendships are created.
Every CTID can follow 150 RTIDs. 150 is our application limit. When at most 150 CTID-RTID friendships are crated, next CTID is fetched.
Thats how we are approaching.

UCN just reads the relations CTID-RTID pairs. and destroys the frienships.

FCN and UCN runs on separate time of the day.

So when FCN runs twitter gets a lot of friendships/create request.
And when UCN runs twitter gets a lot of friendships/destroy request.

Now tell me how I’ll change this scheme so that twitter wont ban me.

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