Code/install Simple Calculator

Code/install Simple Calculator
Code/install simple calculator

I need simple calculator functionality coded and installed so that will work in post affiliate pro. I think they use smarty templates and PHP?

I basically want the users to be able to input their value into cells B1 & B2 and click a “calculate results” button and be able to see the TOTAL in cell D12.

The changes I would like to make to the calc are as follows. Refer to the attached open office spreadsheet for details and functionality:

-Hide all cells from view except for Cells B1, B2 and D12 and add the following text next to them respectively:
-First, enter how many people you think you could recruit to be paid volunteers over the next 6 months?
-Next, enter how many people you think you could convince to donate $15 per month to charity over the next 6 months?
-Then, press “calculate results” to see what your potential income could be!

-Cell D1 needs to be capped at a minimum of $150 to a max of $600 so that a value of anything greater than the value of 4 in B1 would prevent the value of D1 from going over $600 and a value of anything less than the value of 1 in B1 would prevent the value of D1 from being less than $150.

-I also need to give the final look of the calculator a nice web 2.0 calculator sort of look and feel. It needs to look professionally graphically and match the elements for the site. Here is an example of how I would like it to “look” disregarding some of the information/text in this example:

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