Phpicalendar Modification

Phpicalendar Modification
I am using a customized version of PHPiCalendar:

I have it set up and working great to load 4 webcals from a remote server.

You can see an example here:
As you can see, there are 4 different calendars being loaded, and each one has a color. At the top, there is a legend showing the name of the calendar for each color.

These colors are not specifically set anywhere – they are assigned by the script in the order that the calendars are loaded.

So if you select only one calendar (at the bottom) to be displayed, the color for that calendar might change to a different color.

What I want to do is have each calendar always load with the same color, no matter which calendars are displayed.

The code is completely self contained and does not require a database. I will send you a zip file with the entire script and you can put it on any server and test it yourself. No installation is required. You can then make the changes and send the files back as a zip.

You can download the original source code at the site listed above if you want to look at it. My version is customized but mostly only for style changes. You will need to make any changes on my customized version.

This needs to be done within 2 days after awarding you the project.

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