Yahtzee Online

Yahtzee Online
Online Yahtzee

Technical requirements:
– Clean HTML/CSS
– Game play in the same window if able


Yahtzee online will be free for playing. Web site visitors can just click and play and after completion will be prompted to register for the high score list and other activities or just to continue playing. There will be no multiplayer, just single player mode.

I need to have many competitions included. Players can choose for what competition will they play:
1. World Cup
2. National Cup
3. National World Cup
4. Just for high scores

Competitions will be based on seasons, seasons will be divided by weeks. First week will be qualifications, second – 1/8 finals, quarterfinals and so on…

So, players can just play and if they do not choose competition they will be just included in many high scorers lists: for day, week, month, year… But if they choose to play, lets say for national cup, they will have to play maximum 25 games that week and the high scores will make a ranking list and the top players will continue next round. So, you will need to make that every player have a member section to see what games he can play, what is his current ranking or so…

So, the game is not complicated and all that’s count is a high score but statistics and tournaments will be complicated.


All competition will be based on the same structure, I will try to explain:
1. 15.000 players joins competition
2. Every player can play up to 25 games for that round, only the highest score of that 25 games counts
3. Top 3000 players goes to the next round
4. Second round, the same thing, 25 games, the highest counts and 1000 players go next round
5. Same thing, 250 players go next round
6. 50 players go next round… and the winner is the best in the last round

All players should see current ranking list for that round…

This is the way national cups, world cups will be organized.

One thing that will be different is national world cup, let’s see:
1. 15.000 players plays first round, 25 games, highest only counts
2. Calculating results – sum of top 3 results from each country will be counted
3. 30 countries go to the next round
4. All players from that country can play for second round, no matter what they scored before, they just need to be from the country that qualified, 25 games
5. again, sum of the top 3 results will count, 15 countries advance to the next round
6. again, again…

Member sections:
– Simple member registration with mail activation, First name, surname, username, country
– Many statistics for each member, everyone can see that
– Sending automatic mail for players to remind them that some tournament will begin soon or that they advanced to the next round of some tournament and to come to play that round

Web site look:
– Simple look
– Homepage with description, few ranking lists, active national matches, links to the game, tournament announcements…
– Member page: with general information and full of statistics (rank for each month, year, best rank in one day, achievements, top score, country/world statistics, achievements for country tournaments), links to tournament that that member can play…
– Web pages for every tournament

I want to see your web projects and only people/teams that have already done some projects will be considered.

I will pay you some money in advance and some money during the work, rest at the end…

I will be online 24h a day if you want because we will be connected online during development.

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