Socialengine Php Modul Mods

Socialengine Php Modul Mods
Hi, I want to add some functionality to my existing SocialEngine (PHP) software. Basically, I want to add some more functionality to an exisiting module, specifically:

The Classiefieds Modul will be used to publish stories and needs the following added to it:

the ability to disabel posted listings (stories) with a button that is only visible for a select user group (operators). The listing (story) becomes invisible except for the listing owner (story) and the operator group.

When the listing is disabled, the owner of the listing(story) needs to get a message on the disabled listing(story) that it has been disabled.

The disabled listing needs to have a button for the owner to request a review.

The operator group needs to have a button on the disabled listing(story) to enable it again.

The listings(stories) need to have an wysiwyg editor included where there is a standard text field at the moment.

The listings (stories) need to be separated into different chapters…these chapters need to be choosable in the front end.

The requests for review need to be listed in the front end in a tab (only visible for the operators. The reviews need to linked to the listing.

Where the Listings(story
ies)are created catagories have a further level this needs to be extended to two further levels and the last level should be the only one where stories can be posted or sorted into.

1) You should have experience with SocialEngine (PHP) software.
3) You will work on my servers, I will provide you usernames and passwords for everything.
4) Escrow Payment is released when work is 100% done to my satisfaction.


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