Adeo E-shop

Adeo E-shop
I run a PrestaShop.
The supplier of my inventories uses XMLRPC processes for me to post orders and retrieve product information. They’ve provided a user guide on how to use XMLRPC with their warehouse management system.

Our Main Objectives are:
To retrieve product inventories from our supplier via xml-rpc

Detail Requirements:

* The XMLRPC product retrieval needs to be setup as a schedule to be pulled daily.
* The XMLRPC product retrieval should also have the ability to manually pull whenever by the administrator.

* Products pulled from supplier will be imported to our database.
* Products existing in our database will be updated for wholesale price, retail price, status (inactive or active), and quantity.
* Products not existing in our database will be imported to our database with status inactive, flag for review, wholesale price, retail price, description, and quantity.

*** All requirements need to be done in a manner that does not impact any PrestaShop upgrades
Reasonable Bids please.

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