Coder/desginer Needed Asap

Coder/desginer Needed Asap

I have a project that needs COMPLETED ASAP…I need a professional Coder/Designer that will work on my project around the clock until its complete…The site is simialar to and has some features such as Ebay…You must be familiar with these two sites, and if you are not PLEASE DONT BID! I dont want to babysit you, I want you to have the insight to COMPLETE the project…The site is about 85% complete and just needs alot of ins and outs including some design work..I would guess the site needs about 36 hours of work to get everything working correctly..So roughly 12 hours a day for 3 days is what I will need to hire you for.

If you are not highly skilled programmer/designer or you are not familiar with PLEASE do not bid on the project. And again the project requires 36 hours of your time–12 hours per day–for 3 days…to many little things to list all jobs seperatley.


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