Upload A File Script

Upload A File Script
I have a script that we use to send ourselves files internally.

I’d like to use the thin upload component ( http://upload.thinfile.com/upload/thin.php ) instead of the one we’re currently using now.

Basically, once logging in, users type in who they’d like to email the file to, perhaps a ‘message’ go go along with it, and select a file. Once they hit submit and upload, I want thin upload to upload the file. Once it’s completed, the script will email the user that it’s been completed.

All of the functionality has been completed except I want to change the current upload method for Thin Upload, as that will allow me to get past my servers php.ini max file upload limits. all the page design and html has been done also. Just have to make it work with thin upload.

Thanks! Looking forward to working with you.

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