Ziddu Clone

Ziddu Clone
I am looking for someone or a team to develop me a site like ziddu.com or sharecash.org. Project includes logo design, website design and backend (coding, mysql database)

Users will be able to sign up as members and upload files. For users to download the files they will need to fill out a survey or email submit, zip submit, etc. The offer that the download sees will need to be geo-targeted.

After they fill out the offer they will be shown a download link to get the file.

The second part of the site should be able to allow affiliates to sign up and post files as well. Any file they post that is downloaded they will get some of the earnings from the offer.

Site needs to have admin panel:
Post offer affiliate links (make active/inactive).
View/Add/Remove earnings from affiliates.
Add/Remove countries for geo targeting (e.g. people from Canada will be linked to Canadian surveys).
Determine payout amount to affiliate for filling out download.

Affiliates should be able to view the following after logging in:
Upload Manager
Bad Downloads
Message Center (messages from admin)
Top Earners

I have downloadassassin.com registered to use with the site.

Please create a quick account with sharecash to see how it works.

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