Dataminig Program

Dataminig Program
This can be web based or win32 possibly in Access. I am looking to grab recently arrested info from the Maryland Judiciary website. As it it right now, I can go to the site enter my criteria and it will return a series of results that I have to click on each one and manually get the defendants infomation( Name, Address, Charges, etc…)each defendandt may be listed multiple times if there are several charges. The big issue is that I have to specify at least the first letter of the last name. So I have to run each search 26 times, 1 for each letter of the alphabet, for my date range.

I want a form that I can just put in a date range and specify if I want Criminal or Traffic data and it will conduct the search for me, for each letter of the alphabet and rather than displaying it all on screen it should place it in a database that I can create mailing lables from and keep track of who has been mailed possibly in intervals of “right away”, 30 days, 60 days and 90 days.

So this needs to run the search and parse the details from the results into a database that I can print mailing lables from.

The Maryland Judiciary website is located here:

This may be better created as a windows program rahter than a webscript that would likely time out trying to grab all that data.

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