Oscommerce Site

Oscommerce Site
I’m willing to pay $100-$160 for the work.

I need an oscommmerce site made form a jpg. Sadly all the client has is a jpg not a psd. I can give you a simple free oscommerce template fi you want to work on it, but really you can make the other pages of the site look anyway you want This will just be the homepage design to go off of. Any design changes the client wants will need to be made.
Also of course this will need to be installed on the client’s server.
The client is going to use authrize.net or another merchant account for the payment.

I don’t have all the pricing at this time. The above are websites of the products I will have. I won’t have all these products. I would probably say I would have no more than 500 products total including vitamins/herbals and other front shop pharmaceuticals.

Re the concept page I sent you, here is the last email I sent the previous designer + I’ve attached a link for the concept page links.

1) “Feeling Better with Pharma Health” should also be in upper and lower case.

2) “Action Buttons” should be in this order



-as per original email and our conversation this week, I would like there to be a square (instead of a rectangle) and in the middle of each square I would like a round large button -like the buttons on a plan cockpit or a race car-
the description of the button would go around it in a circular fashion above and below the botton

-the square could be Green with Gold Letters, the button could be White with Red Key Word (Rx, BUY etc). When the key word is pushed or the mouse hovers over the button, it can change from white to Red Button with White key words.

The specific wording around the Buttons are as follows:

Rx – Fill or Refill Your (above button in circular fashion)
Prescriptions ( below the button in circular fashion

BUY – Purchase National Brand & Generic (above)
Over the Counter Items, Vitamins & Herbals (below)

DRUGS – Drug Information on Prescription, OTC (above)
, Supplements and Herbals (below)

HEALTH – Health Topics & Information (above)
on Disorders and Conditions (below)

The Rx button will not open to an online store – it will open to 2 choices New Prescription – which will just have typed information and how to get it filled for example http://www.globaldrugs.com/pharmacy/clsearch.htm and Refill Prescription – which will be a form with typed information plus a grid similar to https://www.globaldrugs.com/refill.htm i.e. a spot for patients name, address phone number, Rx number and name of drug (total of 12 lines), choice of delivery or pick up,etc

BUY – will open up to the online store which could initially be divided into 2 sub categories 1) Over the Counter Products and 2) Vitamins and Herbals

DRUGS and HEALTH – will open into each respective category under the Medline Plus database

-remove the pictures on the rectangular buttons and these pictures could be used after the buttons are pressed if appropriate

3) Category Headers at the top – we discussed making them into a shape of a capsule with bigger font – it looks like not enough room so just replace Over the Counter and Natural Remedy with the words Front Shop Products or simply Front Shop
-maybe you can move Location and Hours on the top left corner – opposite side to View Cart/Sign In/item in Cart – this would give more space for larger capsule buttons.

-colour of these could be Hunter or Emerald Green with Gold Letters and they could change to Gold Capsule with Green Letters when hovering over each

-we also talked about making the heading smaller (I don’t know if this was done) and increasing the font size of the various words
-also I’m noticing the medline search bar doesn’t need to have Search Medline Plus twice – is it possible to make those 2 bars look more similar

4) Picture – I mentioned to remove the words on the picture and have a line underneath the picture where I could input text
, also, the pictures would change as a slide show

5) keys on the side – I would like them to be a Gold Key with Green Letters, I’ve attached the spreadsheet which I sent before for the corresponding links to these buttons , some however (the first three) are not links – they are specific to my store and will open into subcategories with corresponding text (description of services). In this case, perhaps these first 3 buttons could be distinguished from the remainining ones underneath – perhaps these 3 buttons could be a capsule shape similar to the headings going across left to right.

6) Since there is room under the square with facebook, hotmail, etc – please insert OCP logo and certificate of accrediation there – this will be a link to the college of pharmacists website as well as a scan or adobe document of my stores pharmacy license.

7) – we talked about a spot for flyers, events, etc that could be loaded up using Adobe

8) I think if you used the colours I suggested – GOLD, Hunter (Dark) or Emerald Green for the buttons (except for the red I requested), then I think the lime colour would fit in well. I think right now there is way too much mustard (yellow) colour then I would like. Instead of that, try using the Lime to fit in along with the Gold and Hunter/Emerald Colours and I think it would be more of what I’m looking for as it would match the colours I use in my store.

9) Reg the Product Page – again Prescriptions would not open up to the online store – the online store would be made up of 2 categories 1) Over the Counter as well as 2) Vitamins/Herbals

Over the Counter has the following categories:

Blood Pressure Care
Cholesterol Care
Diabetes Care
Cough, Cold, Flu & Congestion
Digestive Care
Feminine & Family Planning
Eyes, Ears, Nose & Throat
Hair & Scalp Care
Home Testing Products
Infections of Skin
Pain & Fever Control
Skin Care
Smoking Cessation
Sleep Aids
Weight Management & Nutrition
Wart Removal
Personal Care
Household Items
Dental Care
Baby Care
First Aid & Injury Supports
External Pain Relief
Gifts & Clothes
Medication Compliance Aids
Home Health Products

(above can be in alphagetical order)

Natural Remedy Wellness Centre has the following categories


-each category could have an associated picture that could be automatically chosen as you suggested

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