Css And Design Completion

Css And Design Completion
I have spent nearly a year making my website. Frogster has 4 main scripts, 3 that were ‘off the shelf’ and highly modified, and one mostly original that I have highly modified. Most of the design has been completed but it needs full css validation and some design elements to give it the finishing touch.

There is no programming required…..just reorganizing of the current CSS into a more efficient way and some design work. I will run through it briefly here. Further details can be forwarded to you on request:

The three off the shelf scripts (arcade, directory and social networking platform) all have their own CSS files. As I am making the whole site ‘look like one site’ rather than separate components, each module borrows heavily from other each others CSS files. It makes it inefficient and there are CSS errors.

I want you to run through the pages and fix css and display errors so it all looks good in Mozilla / IE at least. I have nearly done this but there are small errors and I know that the CSS is some parts is all over the place. The arcade should be pretty simple as there is only 4 or 5 pages or elements to fix, and the base css file for a lot of the site is based on this design. Also you will notice in the directory catagory box I have some dynamic boxes where when you click the up arrow the box disappears. I want this for the game box itself so users can click it and the reviews / leaderboard part jumps to the top of the screen.

The directory part relies on just a few pages too to display all the pages. Both the arcade and directory graphics are shown via a smarty template platform so all in, it is not a huge job, just pretty fiddly!

The social network platform has more pages, maybe 10-15 to do. Once again I re iterate that most of it has been done….so going through each page and fixing the CSS should not take too much time. I have not made this look like the rest of the site yet so there are some errors and it needs the css applying correctly to fit in with the rest of the site. Also the media playlist parts do not look right so need fixing (I cannot find where to put my contectual ad, you will see what I mean where I go to the area as it looks too thin)

The actual design part revolves around the search engine and front end pages. The search engine has a member area and also an advertiser area. Both are very similar and will need the same look. I will need these back – end pages designed to fit in with the rest of the site. It will basically involve making and applying a ‘template’ as the back end has a standard backend already (that has all been programmed) – I just need you to make some dynamic menu’s to navigate between the php pages (there are also tpl flat files). It’s a pretty simple tempalte system but there are 30-40 pages to do in there. The majority of the work will be the main login areas and the menu’s – the rest are simple variations on that page – all the the actual text and most of the layout areas has been done.

I will also need 4-5 front end pages. Tidy up the search results page to look better, a new front page that shows elements from the site (latest directory ads, latest social networking members and latest arcade games), also I need an advertise section designed which is just a page dedicatated to advertising on the directory and also a page on the PPC advertising part. All of these pages need to be done to make it look more profesisonal.

This part will be simple as I will supply the content………just make the actual page.

The last part is simply to run through images, clean them up if its needed (I think the arcade top end needs cleaning up) and thats pretty much it.

I would like a 468×60 banner done to advertise the arcade, and a tower banner -160px width) for the social part.

I will answer and questions accordingly……This job is pretty simple for a good designer, but is quite fiddly. I would really like it if you could make a ‘one login, login to them all page’, as at the moment you need to create a login for the search engine, directory, arcade and social network, but if a page could be made that sends login info to all parts (MYSQL databases), and then from the main login page you can access all parts of the site then it would be great.

I do need this done as soon as possible and also would like to see a few examples of your work before commencement.

Brief recap:

1. Tidy up CSS files and check validation on total 20-30 pages. Make social part conform in looks etc.
2. Design internal advertiser/member login pages for search engine
3. 4-5 Front end pages (I will supply content, just make the pages and areas)
4. 2 x graphics banners
5. One login for it all page on login / signup (if possible)
6. Validate whole site and clean up any untidy parts to make it look more professional.

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