Unblockable Exit Popup Script

Unblockable Exit Popup Script
I need an unblockable exit popup that works for both IE and FireFox.

The Exit Popup must only trigger when the online visitor closes their browser window/tab and/or when the online visitor presses the back button. If an online visitor clicks on a link on my site that leads to another page on my website or to a different website, nothing should happen. Again this exit popup should only trigger when the website is closed by the visitor. I do not want a popup that opens when the visitor simply moves their mouse towards the browser’s navbar or near to the back button or the close button tab. I need them to actually click the back button or the close (x) tab.

When the visitor clicks on the back button or the close tab then I want a popup to display that will incorporate any html code that I enter into it. I should be able to change the size of the popup window. I would like there to be an option to only display the popup once to the visitor. I would like the popup to display over the current website page with the current website page greyed out with a lightbox effect.

This script should work with both html and php files and should be simple to implement on any webpage code.

I will need to see a working version of this popup on your sample site before I will finalize payment to you. I will send you my html code to display in the popup to verify that everything is working properly on your sample site.

PM me if you can provide the above.

Thank you.

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