Oscommerce Image Collage Maker

Oscommerce Image Collage Maker
I have a special module I would like created for my oscommerce store, which will do the similar functionality as some of the photo collage generators availability online. I sell t-shirts and would like the customer to be able to select multiple images that are available in my store and add them to a special “collage” cart. This will be seperate from the shopping cart. We can show it in an extra info box on the right side, under the shopping cart info box.

We will add a tiny extra button next to all product images in the store and when the customer clicks on it, it will add that image to the collage cart. Once the customer adds all the images they want to the collage cart, and then selects ‘make collage shirt’ button, they are redirected to the module where they can have all the images that they have selected in the cart to be situated together on the front of the shirt.

Now, I already have a flash module in my store that allows the customers to customize their own shirt designs by uploading images, adding text, etc. You can add on to this module by making a new tab for ‘collage generator’ or you can make a new module on it’s own. However, I actually prefer it to be on it’s own module because their are still some bugs to be ironed out on the customizer.

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