Socialengine Php Project –

Socialengine Php Project –
I’m looking for a web developer / web designer with extensive experience using various technologies including PHP/MySQL/HTML/CSS/AJAX/JavaScript/XML with various tools such as Zend framework, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc to add some functionality to my existing SocialEngine software. Basically, I want to add a few modules and fully integrate a smarty template.

Modifying the Social Engine Articles module for use as the basis for
editable guidebooks.

PHP based BBCode filter the input to make it easier for anyone to
create/edit pages. Make anyone logged in to the site able to edit Articles, with a reCAPTCHA spam filter.

Approval needed before edited content is approved, needs a page to
list this queue. Previously approved content should remain live on the

History of changes, edits, and who edited the article, along with a
comment field for details of what is being edited or why…

2. Promotional module.

Modify the content displayed to business accounts under “Promotions”
to show options for “Add Banners”, “Add Promotions”, “Manage
Promotions” The admin must be able to control everything. This includes adding Promotions, selecting a business and change its options for where it is displayed.

3. Business Directory Plugin.

Users must be able to submit a new business but only business accounts
can modify claimed business listings. This requires modifying how
accounts function and adding an option for business accounts. Business
account should have an extra “Promotions” link displayed on their
profile page and be able to own a business listing (with admin

I will provide more detailed specs for qualified and interested developer(s). I’m looking for an all around PHP / MySQL Developer/web designer (3 plus years of experience) to work with me. I used to do web programming myself, so I know exactly what I need and how it should be done. I’m looking to keep cost low (hence why I’m using existing software), so you should have experience with SocialEngine and work fast. All code should be clean, well documented and should follow security measures already in software, such as input string sensitization, cross-site scripting protection and numerous other safety nets. I’m looking for a long term relationship (if this idea takes off, I’m going to need a complete software rewrite). Someone with experience in high-traffic, production environment and most of all, quality work. I am looking for someone who is available to start immediately and doesn’t need a lot hand-holding.

If you are interested, do not respond with copy n paste (you’ll be blocked). Also, I’m looking to start ASAP. So if you have something else going on, don’t bother.

1) You should have experience with SocialEngine (PHP) software or a really fast learner. Experience with search engine optimization is an added plus.
2) Demonstrated track record of developing beautiful and functional websites.
3) HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, Ajax.
4) Knowledge of W3C DOM methods and properties, cross-browser development techniques, and browser degradation strategies.
5) Good knowledge of English, speaking & writing.

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