Small Php Job With Java Script

Small Php Job With Java Script
I need somebody for a small job. It needs to be done by php, mysql and javascript (maybe ajax).

No design needed, I just need the coding. Alltogether I need 5 pages. index, category, edit-category, edit-sub-category and delete-category.

Category page:

I need to have 2 level nested categories created by using php and mysql. I do not want you use php class. I need to have 2 tables for categories in mysql.

1- maincategory
2- subcategory

Index page:

No database table needed for index. You are not going to submit anything from index page. (I am going to do this)

You just need to populate fields from database. What ever populated from database automatically displayed on the text area (this is where you need to use javascript or ajax).

You need to do the job exactly how it is on the demo. I am going to pay after i have seen finished demo. For demo Please check


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