Online Store And Auction Websi

Online Store And Auction Websi
I am starting an online auctioning website with the following:


View list of auctions

Every time a bid is placed, the auction extends its time by a set amount. When it hits zero, you win!

User Section

* User registration and account verification (Captcha).

* Buying bids in bulk through packages.

* Bidding in the Swoopo-style format. Paying per bid and the price increasing by a set amount.

* The time increasing by x number of seconds (you can change this time in the CMS) every time a bid is placed.

* Add pages using the inbuilt CMS which you can edit. Add your own pages at free will.

* The ability for members to login, update their account, purchase more bids and pay for their won auctions.

* Pay pal as the payment gateway by default, as well as 7 others – ideal,, Google Checkout and more.

* Free / charity auctions and rookie auctions are also available.

* Ability to give users free bids.

* Let your users receive free bids for registering, winning their first auction and for buying bid packages for the first time.

* Add, edit and delete articles for the latest news page.

Admin Section

* Add, edit, delete and clone auctions.

* Full product inventory

* WYSIWYG Editor – no ugly code!

* View the winning bidder and update the status of the auction – e.g. pending, running, ended and completed.

* View, edit, add, delete and suspend users.

* View users bidding history, purchased bid packages, add free bids to the user and refund bids for the user.

* Manage the entire website content anywhere in the world with an internet connection!

* View referrals from users.

* SEO options to boost search engine rankings

* Update the latest news articles and add new articles.

* Manage the website categories, add, edit and delete new categories, which can be unlimited levels deep.

* Edit general website settings including turning on and off various features at a click of a button.

Advanced Features

* Powerful Bid Buddy (automated bidding system) – the ability for users to ‘book their bids’ in advance.

* Refer a friend section. Members get free bids by referring a friend.

* Newsletter system

* Buy it now so that customers can purchase the product at retails price.

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