Profit Sharing Network 2

Profit Sharing Network 2
I am re-listing this project because the originally chosen programmer did not complete the work.
This was the original description:
I tripled the budget, so I want the top programming team (isol/lampc caliber, according to the bids on the originally posted project).

I need a membership-based site.

Paid monthly access, simple forum, profiles with public and private messaging.
No pictures, no video, mainly text statistical data from user database.

The only way to sign up is by “connecting” to another existing profile.

A 30-day FULL access trial account gives them a chance to explore the site. At then end of the trial, this account simply expires.
Before the trial is over, user must enter payment information (via PayPal and/or Liberty Reserve) in order to stay on as a member.

When signing up, only 4 pieces of information are requested: Email address, birthdate, M/F (sex), and preferred UserName.

They pay the membership fee if they want to stay as a member.
50% of this fee is distributed to 10 members in upline, 50% is retained by admin.

Monthly membership will be $10… $5.00 of that will be distributed to members (split into 10 levels @ $0.50 per level).
Default option will be $5.00 payout of only level one (direct referrals), same 50% of the membership fee.
After membership is paid, payment plan/option cannot be changed, so user will have to decide before the trial is over whether they want $5.00 paid on 10 levels (PLATINUM account) or just 1 level (GOLD account).

Paid memberships have no expiration. If a member (or a trial user) cancels their account, or cannot receive their earned funds because of a problem with their payment processor account, user information is replaced with admin’s payment information… so money goes to admin.

Payment processors (to pay out and collect through) must include Paypal and Liberty Reserve. Payments to members will be perfomed daily.

Users will see their downline/earnings when logged into their account (see attached examples).


The only parts of the site with dynamic content will be the Home Page (stats), forum, and user profiles, everything else will be static content.

Home page will show stats of the database (# of new users, total earned, total paid out, etc.), kind of like here (real-time, without refreshing the page)

The profiles will have stats such as Date Joined, Last Seen, M/F, Age, Option/Plan chosen, Forum Topics/Posts, Profile Messages Received/Sent, Status (Member Since, Trial Expires, etc.).
See attached examples.

The 10-level payout… if you can do it differently, let me know. Put “KTW” with your bid so I know you have read the project description.

In regards to coding, I want operations of the script to be as efficient as possible, and not to bottleneck the server once traffic increases.
In regards to design, it’s pretty basic… black text on white background. Everything else is shades of grey.
I am very specific in what I want done, and how I want the site to look. =)

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