Swoopo Type Auction Site Redo

Swoopo Type Auction Site Redo
I purchased a swoopo clone script a week ago and found that is full of bugs when I installed it. I need my entire website redone to function similar to pennyscoop.com, swoopo.com and bidvenue.com.

You should be able to program and design the website the way I’d want it. I’ll want it to have the features of the three sites listed above.

Here is what I want, all of which I should be able to edit easily from the admin backend:

*User registration and account verification
*Buying bid packages
*Full integration with PayPal and Google Checkout
*Paying per bid and the price increasing by a set amount
*The time increasing by X seconds every time a bid is placed
*General pages such as terms and conditions and a help section
*Ability to add pages from admin area
*Ability for members to login, update their account, purchase more bids and pay for auctions won
*Fixed priced auctions and variable priced auctions as well
*Ability to give users free bids
*Ability for users to receive bids for registering, winning their first auction and for buying bid packages for the first time
*Add, edit and delete articles from the latest news page
*Content Management System (CMS) – ability to add, edit and delete multiple auctions
*Use macros to start, stop and publish auctions
*Refund bids.
*View the winning bidder and update the status of the auction e.g. pending, running, ended and completed.
*View, edit, add, delete and suspend users.
*View users bidding history, purchased bid packages, add free bids to the user and refund bids for the user.
*Manage the entire website content such as the terms & conditions and help page content.
*View referrals from users.
*Set the bidding packages.
*Update the latest news articles and add new articles.
*Manage the website categories, add, edit and delete new categories, which can be unlimited levels deep.
*Edit general website settings including turning on and off various features at a click of a button.
*Payment system PayPal (included)
*Limits on the number of auctions a user can win in a month.
*Coupon Module (Users can redeem coupons to get admin defined bids)
*Affiliate Module (Users can get rewards for referring friends)
*Address Book importer (To invite more and more people)
*Rewards points system (when packages are purchased)
*Credit back on lost bids (Users get credit for bids on lost items to pay for won items – think Swoop It Now)
*Auto Bidders (Users can schedule them in advance)
*Autobot Bidders (Admin can schedule them to automatically bid on auctions)
*Ability to create auctions and disable Auto Bidders feature
*Mark-up Percentage (Once set will automatically calculate reserve price)
*Peak Only Auctions (Active for a specific time period)
*Template Based (over 10 Templates to use)
*Multiple Currencies
*Multiple Languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese)
*Product Inventory (Add a product once and then create as many auctions as you want)
*A suggestion page

Please put an accurate representation of how long you will take to finish the site.

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